Hello, I’m Jeanne and welcome to our website!  My hubby and I hope to meet you soon at one of our cooking events.  Until then, we hope you enjoy browsing our website and previewing some of the many products that we serve on a regular basis. 


For the past 25 years I worked locally in the medical profession and kept the home fires burning while my self-employed hubby chased work all over the world.  I used to tell our friends that with the amount we spent apart, we might be married for decades before we actually found out that we weren’t compatible.  But that didn’t happen and now we’re both going through our second childhood together. 


Convincing him that we should both give up the corporate game and go barbequing took quite a bit of charm and persuasion, however, I forgot to plan for hubby’s engineering philosophy of “Go Big or Go Home”.  So now he has me traveling around the country in a monster dully truck pulling a 50-foot BBQ restaurant on wheels that is emblazoned with a pig in a Steve Ray Vaughan hat with sunglasses and he is playing a saxophone!  Actually, we’re having the time of our lives and we even named the pig Dr. Q. and had him trade marked.


Our roving restaurant is set up to feed about 1000 people per hour and is equipped with a smoker/cooker unit that runs on food grade wood pellets.  The cooker unit can handle up to 750 pounds of meat at one time.  Hubby thinks he is big time and likes to tell everyone he’s now officially considered “Green” since the cooker unit runs on wood pellets.  I really hope this novelty never wears off.


When serving at events we try to stay consistent with our menu of ribs, chicken and pulled pork and brisket.  (However, lately we have had a number of requests for whole chopped pig that we season with a light sweet vinegar rub while it’s cooking. It takes about 10 to 14 hours to cook a whole pig, but if you get a chance to treat yourself to it, you will find the taste is truly amazing.


Hubby and I sincerely thank all of our customers for the positive comments on the food, service and graphics.   We never get tired of hearing those compliments and always appreciate your suggestions. 


Anytime you see us at an event, please bring the children and introduce yourself.  You will find Hubby at his mega-smoker and me in the kitchen creating our signature side dishes. We enjoy the children as much as the adults and we always have a freeze pop and cool, wet towel to wipe the cranky off and put the little smile back on so you and your loved ones can enjoy an extra hour together. 

– Jeanne